Since 2002 Kulturforum Sud-Nord has hosted dozens of artists, writers and filmmakers, who came to do research and create new site-specific works. Our space is located 20 min west from Cotonou on the coastal road direction Ouidah. It allows both working in the 2 million city during the day and taking a retreat in a quite semi-rural area. The beach is 300 m from the center, and the houses are spaced generously in an 8000 sqm garden.

Application Procedure:
The content of your project should correspond or dialogue with 3 themes mentioned in the section “About Us”.  The duration of the residence can be between 10 days to 3 months.

Project proposals can be sent continuously to 
They should be 3 - 5 pages, can be in English, French or German.
Please include 3-5 images of previous works or links to websites, a brief CV and a photo of your self.

Kulturforum Sud-Nord cannot finance your trip, stay, or production, but can help you to find sponsors, and issue a letter of invitation, once your proposal has been accepted.

Some previous resident guests were:

Alexandra Bauch
Daphné Bitchatch
Alice Creischer
Francois Xavier Gbré
Denise Lasagni
Gabriele Muschel
Andreas Siekmann
Lois und Franziska Weinberger

Ines Johnson-Spain
Branwen Okpako

Writers – Art Historians – Curators
Fritz Biehler Writer
Mark André Klügmann
Daniela Roth, (University Cologne)
Viktoria Schmidt-Linsenhoff (Universität Trier)
Kerstin Schankweiler  (FU Berlin)
Jonathan Watkins (Ikon Gallery Birmingham)

Social work
Pascale Lemare
Agnes Muckensturm



current artist in resident

Artist : Lois Weinberger

Artist: Andreas Siekmann
nnel new perspectives on art and society. A



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