Kulturforum Sud-Nord is programming the following initiatives for 2013-2014:

Initiative 1
Enhance the competence of communication, research and freedom of international networking. English classes for artists, curators and writers in Porto Novo and Cotonou, free of charge. To be held twice a week and to start immediately. Fundamental step for exchanges and collaborations as described below.

Initiative 2
Enhance social competence and willingness to verify conceptions on gender roles. The project on the theme of Gender Roles consists of artists collaborations, round-table discussions, exhibitions and performances in a variety of venues, and bilingual publication. The results can be part of the Biennale Regard Benin 2014. We would like to invite artists who inquire in their work male-female identities and roles and have the courage speak about stifling patterns. We will invite a group of about 20 artists half from West – Africa, half from all over the world.

Initiative 3
Goal: to bridge Anglophone and Francophone spheres. A conference with 5-6 organizations from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and South Africa will launch the exchange, followed by collaborative projects between the participants.

Initiative 4
A forum for critical thought on the role of the a) artist, b) curator, c) critic and d) public in West-African Society. We will invite a series of artists and curators who give one week work shops for Benin based cultural agents and members of the public. For example: a: Alfredo Jaar (who contributed to the Biennale Regard Benin) Georges Adéagbo, Meschak Gaba, b: Gabi Ngcobo (center for historical re enactment Johannesburg) c: Enjabe Ntone (Chimurenga Capetown) d: Marylin Douala Schaub (director of Doul'art) and Koyo Kouoh Raw Material Company.

Initiative 5: Improve project facilities for exhibitions and conferences to create local alternatives to the French Cultural Center. "Regard Benin" who had a three month contract with the Presidential Office to use the historical halls of the National Print Shop for the biennale Regard Benin 2012 currently negotiates for a 7 year contract. Parts of the roof is broken, and the valuable Heidelberger print machines, which could be used for art book editions, are at risk. Once fixed, this space of 450 sqm can host a wide range of activities and an artists' residence. Kulturforum Sud-Nord extends its project spaces. Funding to complete the construction of a new 190 sqm round house multi purpose space is needed.

Future Exhibitions
Kulturforum Sud-Nord organises the exhibitions of Benin Artists abroad:
Seraphin Zounyekpe,
Bremen, Germany Städtische Galerie.
Opening July 6th, 2013.
Website : www.staedtischegalerie-bremen.de




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