We are editing a publication of the exhibition Take, Take Take and..? Which complements the "Journal Officiel" of the Biennial. It will contain texts by the art history students reflecting on their experience of working for the first time with contemporary artists and exploring new ways to show art.

We are working on a long term contract concerning the use of the historic halls of the National Print shop Porto Novo with the presidential office of Benin. Such a contract is the prerequisite to find sponsors for fixing the building (roof) and modifying it for cultural activities.

For 2013 we are developing our programs and do a pile of grant writing.

We applied for a travel grant from the Federal Foundation of culture Germany TURN program for exchange with Africa. If it comes through, Kulturforum Sud-Nord will guide a group of three cultural operators from Benin, an art historian, an artist, and an art history students for two weeks to visit curators, artists, critics and various institutions in German. The goal is to assess how African culture is presented, and how clichés could be avoided in future projects.

Vice versa, Kulturforum Sud-Nord will guide a delegation from Hamburg who applied for the same TURN grant to various art spaces in West Africa.

Kulturforum Sud-Nord supports Seraphin Zounyekpe to prepare his exhibition and trip to Bremen in July.





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